ASD Linear Optical Scales - 4 Series

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Importer, Trader, Exporter of ASD Linear Optical Scales. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

  • Rs422 Differential Quadrature Output
  • Excellent Stability of the Signals
  • Contactless System
  • Robust Shielded Metal Enclosure
  • Fully Sealed, Protection Class IP67

  • Resistant to Dirt, Humidity and Dust
  • Withstands Shock and Vibration
  • Single Reference Marker
  • Compressed Air Inlet at the Scale End Blocks
  • Double Protection Along the Sliding Side (Four Lip Seals)

The large forces required in metal forming operations can provoke machine deformation which in turn puts strain on the linear encoder. This strain will affect the performance of the linear encoder and may lead to a reduction of accuracy or repeatability in the forming operation. In order to solve this problem is designed the MLC 410 incremental linear encoder, especially for press brake applications.

Especially it is recommended for applications with a measuring length of up to 2040 mm in high speed and high vibration environments and small places. The special design of the mounting points minimizes accuracy errors due to temperature changes. On the other hand, the MLC 410 series includes a special support that further improves it behavior against the vibrations caused by the machine.
The reader head of this linear encoder has a connector. The linear encoder is supplied as a pre assembled unit. The linear encoder and reader sensor are connected to the aluminum support and it can be connected directly to the machine

Resolution Standard : 5 µm, 10 µm, 25 µm, 62.5 ( or on request )
Output Type Push-Pull or TIL Rs422 Line Driver
Output Signals A,/A,B,/B,Z,/Z
Input Current Maximum 40 mA (Per Channel)
Power Supply PPL : 1O..30VDC or TIL : S VDC
Housing Material Sensor : Nickel Plated Aluminum Scale Profile : Anodized Aluminum
Electrical Connection Cable max. 5Om
Magnetic Tape Pole Length 5 mm, 2 mm,l mm
Travel Velocity 3m/s
Repeatability +/-1 Count
Operating Temperature -25 to +85°
Protection Class Ip67
Compatible Systems ESA, DELEM, CYBELEC